Now here's where it all becomes interesting. From the small to the large, I can and I have created direct mail pieces, postcards, newspapers and magazine advertising, newsletters, custom calenders and event materials and all those ever so popular... golf invitations.

Creative Graphic Design


Graphic Designer

Age: and counting... slowly!
Birthday: September 8th. ...Send me a card.
Schooling: George Brown College (Graphic Design, Diploma), University of Toronto (Computer Applications in Graphic Design, Certificate)
Favourite Vacations: Dominican Republic/Cuba
Favourite Authors: James Baldwin, Walter Mosley, Raymond E. Feist, Rohinton Mistry...
Favourite Movies: Too many
Favourite Movie Scene: The foot chase and then the "Slap" in RocknRolla

To Design, To Create, To Make an Impression...
I'm a Toronto based
Creative Graphic Designer and Studio Production Artist, who is always available for contract, freelance and on-site work. I'm constantly updating my skills with the latest software technology in pagination, vector and raster software; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress (bye, bye Waxing Machines, Paste-up boards, Ruling and Technical pens, Letraset, etc.)

I have demonstrated exceptional abilities in meeting objectives and demands. In addition to my design skills, I'm skilled in creating multi-page documents, ranging from corporate communications to down-right funky individual advertising collaterals. I can and have conceptualized original and creative ideas, "Brainstorming" with a team is an important way to get the job done, however I can work independently. I work can within an established guidelines and have projects completed on time, within budget. I'm self-motivated and have a keen sense of humour.

My background includes design and creativity in print and production. It's rewarding to see my designs in magazines as well as the brochures and various ads I've created. To view samples of my work, navigate your way through the tab bar above.

A grasshopper walks into a bar, bartender says...